How to sew Curves

In case you create only excellent and beautiful bags, home accessories and garments by sewing straight beams but you look to tackle the designs such as circular pillows, rounded clutches and scooped necklines then it is recommended to know about professional sewing technique. In case you plan to sew curves then it is required more grace to handle the machine and fabric. Suppose you look to acquire the smooth and even curves then it is suggested to follow some techniques.

Interesting tips to sew smooth and even curves

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Suppose you are struggled to sew the curves then it is recommended to follow some useful and effective tips such as

  • Draw the seam line on fabric before you plan to sew
  • Try to focus on the area in front your machine needle
  • Shorten the stitch length
  • Walk, sink and pivot
  • Minimize the seam allowance before you start to sew
  • Match the centers
  • Use the blunt pointed to the object which is helpful get smooth curves

For guiding your machine, needle placed into the curve of fabric but it is quiet difficult because of seam allowance. In case you are looking to acquire greater accuracy then you can measure the seam allowance manually. Instead of start with the curve lines, people can stitch collections of straight stitches so that you can easily achieve more accurate results. There are two types of the curves are there like convex and concave curve. Actually convex curve is considered as the protruding curve and concave curve is the curves inward. In fact convex curve consists of more fabric in the seam allowance which is mostly useful to get excellent curves. In case you are willing to sew inward curves then you must follow some tips. The first thing, you should set up the sewing machine for the straight stitch. After that determine the seam allowance like you can set ½ inch. Place fabric under the pressure foot and try to maintain the consistent seam allowance. In case you are a beginner to sew curves then you must get help from experienced people.

How to sew the outward curves

In fact outward and inward curves are quiet similar and you are looking sew outward curves then you must prepare the fabric pieces, mark the seam allowance and set the sewing machine for the straight stitch. When you do the outward curve you must maintain the seam allowance or else it is quiet difficult to achieve your desire results. Full circle is only done by the expert people and if you know about the inward and outward curves then you can easily do full circles. If you use some unique techniques and tips then you will do excellent curves. If you do the small straight lines then you may not suffer from difficult curves. Actually smaller curves are useful to create the smooth surface and long stitches create the curve look more angular so that you can pick the best one according to your desire.

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